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Have you ever stopped to think about your vehicle's locks? Most people haven't unless they find they have locked the keys inside. There's quite a history to today's vehicle locking mechanisms and you may be surprised to know just how these locks came to be an integral part of a car's safety features. The First Vehicle Door Locks It was until the 1920's that locks were installed quite regularly in vehicles. Most vehicles prior to that were only owned by the rather well-to-do. These vehicles were maintained by the employees of the vehicle owner and seldom were a vehicle left alone without anyone looking after it. However, as production number increased, it became more apparent that vehicle locks were going to be a necessity. Improving the Original Locks In 1935, General Motors introduced its six cut sidebar lock. By 1959, Chrysler was using the same type of lock on the trunks. However, in 1966, pin tumbler locks replaced both the trunk and door locks. These locks proved to last longer and the vehicle owners had fewer problems with the internal mechanism of the locks. The Newer Car Locks and Today's Car Locksmith There used to only be a need for a car locksmith to open a vehicle with a simple pin tumbler lock. However, the advancements in automobile locks have made the locksmith industry grow and change, as well. Now there are keyless entry systems, touch pad systems, and even bio-tech recognition systems. As these types of entry systems have become standard on many vehicles, locksmithing has had to take on a whole new meaning. Many of today's locks are very complicated and require a lot training to open and repair. Just a few years ago, a locksmith needed a ring of master keys, a couple of special tools, and maybe a wedge to make the task easier. However, today's locksmiths must be highly trained and even specialise in certain types of locks. How to Find the Right Car Locksmith for Your Vehicle You certainly don't want just any locksmith working on your vehicle. You want one that has experience with your type of vehicle. Not all locks are the same and some will require special tools that only a few locksmiths will have. When you begin calling around, make sure you ask if they are qualified to work on your vehicle. This is especially new with the newest model of vehicles. Don't settle for just anyone, or you could end up with damage that is very expensive to replace. Sometimes a car locksmith will have you sign a waiver stating that they are not responsible for any damage. This could be a sign that the company has had problems in the past. Avoid signing this waiver and you may want to contact a different company. In Closing Choosing a qualified car locksmith is important if you want to avoid costly repairs. Use only licensed and insured companies and get a quote for the unlock before you allow the work to begin. At you will find resource for locating a Car Locksmith. With the most highly trained professional, you can rest assured that your vehicle, home, or business locks are in good hands. Article Source:

History of Car Locks - Creating a Need For a Good Car Locksmith

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